Can My Exhaust System Really Effect My Fuel Economy?

A crucial step to better gas mileage, though it might sound too good to be true, is an optimum operating stock exhaust system or performance exhaust system. That’s because the same overall maintenance or improvements that lead to greater performance are improving your engine’s overall efficiency.

Eliminate Impurities – Burn Clean – Add Horsepower

You see, when the exhaust is flowing freely down wider pipes with the right amount of vacuum left behind to keep the cycle running smoothly, the gases from the cylinders are able to empty out completely. Your mixture of gas and oxygen burns purer without all the exhaust impurities left behind, giving you greater horsepower without having to cram the pedal to the metal.

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Transfer Flow Fuel Tank Systems

The next generation of Transfer Flow’s TRAX auxiliary fuel tank operating system is here! TRAX 3™ is a computer controlled, self-diagnosing fuel monitoring system that transfers fuel from your Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank to your main fuel tank.

For your peace of mind, the TRAX 3™ computer module constantly monitors fuel levels in both tanks. Now, you’ll always know the percentage of fuel in your Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank and main fuel tank!

K&N Air Filters

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