Ammerman's Auto Repair

Custom Exhaust, Mufflers, Brakes and Auto Repair


2Brake Caliper Replacement – Rotor Grinding – New Rotors Installed

When it comes to brake replacement and repair we take the time to do it right. If the rotors can be ground within safety standards we do it here. Sometimes brake calipers just wear out and Ammerman’s will recommend replacement if needed. If scraping and squealing are going on while your driving or you feel a shudder when you come to a stop, your brakes need to be inspected immediately.

Broken Muffler’s Fixed – No More Exhaust Fumes – Peace and Quiet

Bring in your vehicle for an exhaust inspection and let’s catch the problem before it is a hazard or embarrassment.

Suspension Repair – New Shocks – Struts

If your ride is feeling rough and the vehicle isn’t tracking down the road correctly chances are your suspension (shocks, springs, etc.) may need to be replaced. Stop in for our Free inspection and estimate service and gain a little peace of mind.